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The prophet Ezekiel proved to be a very interesting voice in ancient Israel’s faith crisis. Ancient Israel was, at the time, a community with very little stability, and it is in this context that we find the prophet Ezekiel coming onto the scene. For several years he would incessantly prophesy and act out the destruction of Jerusalem and its temple, which was met with some opposition. Sadly for him, however, he would see his prophecy of Jerusalem’s destruction fulfilled when it was sacked by the Babylonians. According to scholar Daniel Block, “Ezekiel is in a class of his own. The concentration of so many bizarre features in one individual is without precedent: his muteness; lying bound and naked; digging holes in the walls of houses; emotional paralysis in the face of his wife’s death; “spiritual” travels; images of strange creatures, of eyes, and of creeping things; hearing voices and the…

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