Religious Observance in Schools – Letter in Courier – 5th Jan 2017


Article in Courier on Dec 30th…followed by my letter in response.

The Scottish Government is considering revising its guidance to head teachers, which states that opportunities for religious observance must take place at least six times a year in non-denominational schools.
Gordon MacRae, chief executive of the Humanist Society Scotland, which has taken the court action over the issue, said: “This survey confirms what we have known for some time, that a majority of people in Scotland support a change in this arcane law.”

Currently, children can withdraw from such services but only with a parent’s approval, following the secularists’ legal challenge.

The findings, for The Times newspaper, show that just 11% believe religious observance should be compulsory in all schools with no ability to opt out, with a further 24% backing the system that allows children to be withdrawn at the request of guardians.

A spokeswoman for the Scottish…

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