Why Apologetics?

Theology Still Matters

Apologetics is one of those subjects that seems to have a bad name.  The reason is perhaps that the term has morphed in meaning over the past several centuries.  It is not that we are apologizing for something we believe in, but that we are defending it.  The term apologetics stems from the Greek term apologia which is to make a defense.  Therefore a definition for apologetics is “an attempt to defend a particular belief or system of beliefs against objection [1].”  We engage in apologetics to defend what it is that we believe.  If Christianity is true then why is true?  We have an obligation to defend the truth and that is why we engage. Scripture tells us in many places such as 1 Peter 3:15, Philippians 1:16, and 1 Corinthians 9:3 that we are to have a defense for what we believe.  Jesus himself was no stranger to…

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