What Should the Church be doing in 2017? Jesus’s Plan is…..



Things did not look good for the church at the beginning of the 2nd Century. John was in exile on the waterless island of Patmos. All the other apostles were dead. Jesus hadn’t returned. The Roman Emperor had decided to make Christians the scapegoat for every ill. False teachers, heresies and compromisers plagued the churches. Those who argued ‘cheer up and smile, things could be worse’ found that things did, in fact, get worse. What was the church to do?

In today’s church in the Western world (and let’s never forget that this is now a minority part of the whole church), as we enter 2017 we too need to assess the situation in which the church finds itself and ask what the Lord wants us to do. There is no doubt that the West is in a state of upheaval – Brexit, Donald Trump, Italy, Greece, elections coming…

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