“As a son with his father,” part 3

Learning To Be Full Of Grace And Truth.

And to conclude these thoughts on discipleship….

One of the biggest problems in the Church today is the spiritual equivalent of a “failure to launch.” Do you know what I am talking about? More and more kids are living with their parents through their twenties and even their thirties. More and more Christians have settled in to the comfortable surroundings of their church, small group, Sunday school class, and maybe the occasional outreach or mission trip. But they never get to the point where they become the rabbi and become a spiritual father or mother to someone else. If we want to be growing and maturing as a disciple of Christ, we need to come to the place where we start discipling others.

Let me close by giving some direction for pursuing both these relationships.

First let me say that all of us should be being disciple by somebody. Right…

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