The Problem of Christian Float

Samaritan's Song

I finally got back to church this past Sunday.

I say “finally” because vacation plus the holiday schedule really wreaked havoc on our normal church attendance.  Oh, I was in church the Sunday before last: I went to my old home church, where I grew up as a kid.  And I was in my current church the week before that – but it was the Christmas service.  And not long before that I was on vacation with my husband.

What I’m saying is that last Sunday was the first normal church service I’ve had in a while.

It was crowded, so my husband and I slipped into a seat a few spots back from where we usually settle.  A few rows ahead of us, an older couple – our frequent ‘pew-mates’ – got up and actually walked back to say hi.  “It’s been a while!” said the woman, and the…

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