Science and Belief

There is something oddly satisfying about rock pools. These are natural playgrounds for children, and I love seeing the delight in their faces as they turn over rocks, not knowing quite what they are going to find. Children seem to thrive on the everyday wonders that surround them, like seeing “… A universe in a grain of sand…” (William Blake – Auguries of Innocence).

rock-pooling-kit-photo-by-anthony-hereward © Anthony Hereward

While there are many things that we do put away as we get older and mature in our faith (2 Timothy 2:22-26), I believe one of the things we should hold onto is wonder. Whilst interning with A Rocha Canada we went on a retreat entitled ‘Childlike Wonder’. I remember peeling away the layers of adultness that I had laid onto myself over the years. Soon enough I was relishing in jumping in puddles again and giving praise to God in the small…

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