This Unfathomed Sea

He Hath Said

Who gave Himself for us…Titus 2:14

Mark, brethren, what a richness there is here! It is not that He gave His righteousness, though that has become our dress. It is not even that He gave His blood, though that is the fount in which we wash. It is that He gave Himself-His Godhead and manhood both combined. All that that word “Christ” means He came to us and for us. He gave Himself. Oh! that we could dive and plunge into this unfathomed sea Himself! Omnipotence, Omniscience, Infinity-Himself. He gave Himself-purity, love, kindness, meekness, gentleness-that wonderful compound of all perfections, to make up one perfection-Himself. You do not come to Christ’s house and say, “He gives me this house, His church, to dwell in.” You do not come to His table and merely say, “He gives me this table to feast at,” but you go farther, and you take Him…

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