Book Review: Exalting Jesus in 1 & 2 Samuel

Theology Still Matters

Exalting Jesus in 1 &2 Samuel is part of the Christ-Centered Exposition series.  The exposition series is a series of commentaries that strive to exalt Jesus from every book of the Bible.  This particular volume is authored by Heath Thomas and J.D. Greear.  The authors stress that when one reads the Bible from front to back then it is also necessary to read it from back to front.  This does not mean that we are to read words backwards, but to recognize that the Old Testament is fulfilled in the New Testament.  These echo the words of the great church father Augustine who said, “The New Testament is concealed in the Old Testament and the Old is revealed in the New.”

As with all commentaries there is an introduction to the books of Samuel.  It is a detailed introduction which also describes how in ancient Judaism the books were one volume. …

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