Debate About Gender Issues – Letter in The Sunday Herald

On Sunday the 8th the Sunday Herald ran a ridiculous piece about the TIE campaign and Transgender rights, where it did not deal with the issues and killed any sensible discussion with the headline ‘Christian Right accused of whipping up trans-panic’.  Although I was not allowed an article as a right of reply, they did agree to publish the following letter as their lead letter.  To be fair to the editor, Neil Mackay, he was true to his word.  You can read the text below and the original letter Here

img_0315The whole question of gender and gender fluidity is an important issue that goes to the heart of what it is to be human; therefore it was disappointing that it was covered in such a pejorative and prejudiced manner in The Sunday Herald (Christian right accused of whipping up ‘trans panic’, News, January 8). When an article is headlined like…

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