Why ‘Love the Sinner; Hate the Sin’ is Opposite to Jesus’ Teaching

Jesus Without Baggage

Have you heard believers say they ‘Love the sinner but hate the sin’? At least you likely have heard of them. In fact, they don’t love the ‘sinner’ at all—at least not the way Jesus loves people. As we read Jesus’ teachings and interactions with people, it becomes clear that Jesus’ focus is on Love. As we listen to haters of sin and watch them interact with others, it becomes clear that their focus is on Sin.

These are opposite approaches and do not represent the same love.


How Jesus Loves People

When we read about Jesus we see that he is tender and accepting of people; he accepts them as they are—broken, hurting, and alienated. He accepts them and heals them; he accepts them and speaks to their pain and restores them; he accepts them and replaces their feelings of alienation with peace and reconciliation.


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