Bad Abe! Bad! Very bad!!!

Learning To Be Full Of Grace And Truth.

Genesis 20 is a very interesting chapter. This morning I was struck by verse 20 as I was listening to Max McLean read it to me in the car.

Basically Abraham decides to pitch his tents for a while at the edge of Philistine territory in the region of Gerar. When they arrived, Abram arranged to repeat his usual scheme (see Genesis 12) of telling the story that Sarai was his sister instead of his wife. Apparently, Sarai was still quite the woman because she caught the eye of the king who took her into his harem.

Before anything hinky could go on, God speaks to Abimalek (said king) and tells him that he “is as good as dead” (Genesis 20:3, NIV) because he had taken her as his wife even through she was married to Abram. In a very interesting interchange, Abimalek asserts his own righteousness saying that he acted on a…

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