Reflections on a sin

Just me being curious

That is a brilliant job – the whole room looks wonderful! Well done!
Yes, but see that bit there …
What bit?
That bit just above the (???) and to the left a little
What … that bit just there … ?
No – not that bit – THAT bit – can’t you see it? I can!

Can you hear that knocking?
When I do (???) it knocks – listen … there it is again!
Still not hearing it …
There – it did it again!
Still not getting it …

Finding fault. To find fault I need to be familiar with something or someone.  And the person with whom I am most familiar is … me.  Stand in front of the mirror – what do I see?

Not what others see.

I see me. The me I live with all day and every day. The me that knows what…

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