The Silence – A Review

This was a film that I did not want to go and see.  I knew it was long, violent and difficult.  But I had to. I have read so much about it and such contrasting and extreme reviews that I went (alone) to watch it this afternoon.  Its….

Brilliant – It lasts over two and a half hours but for me it did not feel like that.  The cinematography was wonderful,  as was the acting (especially that of Issey Ogata, Tadanobu Asano, Liam Neeson and Andrew Garfield).  The scenery, plot, tension and the way the most serious questions are raised, all make The Silence worthy of oscars.

Unusual – The last Scorsese film I saw, The Wolf of Wall Street,  was so bad, that I stopped watching.  If I want to see animals rutting I’ll go to a farm, not a cinema.   I knew that the violence would…

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