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Back in In June I gave a paper on ‘The Bible and Mission Beyond Bosch’ at the Global Connections Mission Educators Forum in the UK. The gathering was using the 25th anniversary of the publication of David Bosch’s landmark Transforming Mission to offer a critical appreciation of that book. My talk, which I’ll write up some time, had three headings: ‘What Bosch did’ (a review of his treatment of biblical texts); ‘What Bosch didn’t do’ (some of his omissions and neglected areas); and ‘What Bosch couldn’t do’ (i.e., engage with the missional hermeneutics conversation that has developed since his tragic and untimely death in 1992).

One of my key points was to raise and reflect upon the well-documented relative neglect of women and global south scholars in Bosch’s bibliography (see, for example, Nussbaum’s readers guide to TM, p. 143). I then revisited the growing literature on missional hermeneutics through…

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