Devotions from Jude – The Recipients of Jude’s Letter: The Called

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bielefeld_spring2014-5After learning about Jude, I now look to whom he writes to.  There is no specific data as to who Jude is writing to.  It is not known which church or which location he is targeting.  But what is known is that Jude addresses them as the called in God the Father having been loved and kept by Jesus Christ.  These attributes (called, loved and kept) not only characterizes Jude’s recipients of the past but also the church of today.  I will dissect from the first of these three attributes.

First let me define how Jude uses the word “called” in this context.  Here the word “called” is in respect to salvation and sanctification. The context of Jude is not dealing with the idea of vocation (i.e. what is my calling in life and the church) but in relationship to God the Father.  Some have taken “in God the…

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