Why Our Witness Must Be Credible – Revelation 11


This weeks Christian Today article

What an interesting week it has been in politics! The lead-up to Donald Trump’s inauguration was dominated by an astonishing discussion about a document that contains speculation about his personal life a few years ago. The whole of that document seems to rest on the credibility or otherwise of a British ex-secret service agent, which wasn’t really helped when it was revealed that he had been hired by Jeb Bush to find some dirt on Trump. If a witness is undermined then what they witness to is severely damaged.

Which brings us on to Chapter 11 of Revelation. Because it too is about witnesses. Again, as we have seen before in this Revelation series, there are numerous interpretations and attempts to identify the witnessss here. The standard view is that they refer to the Old Testament prophets, Moses and Elijah. This is backed up by…

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