My Story, My Song

Reclaimed wood and furniturehas become the decorating route for so many of my friends in recent years. Hit shows likeFixer Upper,Flea Market Flip,andAmerican Pickers have inspired us all to use resources that are just right at our fingertips. Things we already have or can easily find that can be repurposed for a new use and design. Take a look at how my sister Hannah is displaying her quilts!

In my family, we have wood. Lots and lots of wood.

In recent years, my dad began experimenting with simple building projects and –surprise!—he was so good at it that he built my sister’s cabinets in her new kitchen!

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I’d say his “experimenting” worked out well. He now has a workshop where he can craftwhatever he needs or wants to build.

workshop-two My dad has a custom-built woodworking shop where he is using reclaimed wood to make…everything! workshop-one

My granddad…

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