A Sinful Woman in a Pharisee’s House

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Luke 7:36-50

This passage tells the story of Jesus going to the home of a Pharisee named Simon for dinner. As they reclined at table, a very sinful woman enters and is so moved that she cries, her tears falling on Jesus’ feet. She wipes her tears from His feet with her hair, for what else did she have to wipe with? Then, she pours perfume on His feet to anoint them. As this is going on Simon the Pharisee is thinking that if Jesus were a prophet He should know this woman is sinful and thus send her away.

Jesus responds out loud to Simon’s thoughts…

You really need to read the text for this one, because it is a beautiful thing to behold, and there is no way for me to do it justice…

The upshot of the story is that a very sinful person can be forgiven…

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