Forgiveness is mandatory?

Learning To Be Full Of Grace And Truth.

Well that depends. It depends on what you are saying is mandatory. Forgiveness is grace in its most costly and precious form. My favorite short definition for grace is “one-way love.” By that I mean that grace is love given when it is not given in response to something worthy of love. Forgiveness is love that is shown in spite of the fact that things have been done that were hurtful, ugly, and damaging. It is love that is willing to accept the loss, the pain, the disappointment, the failure, and not hold it against the offender anymore. I’ve expanded on this here.

But is forgiveness mandatory? It is not mandatory in the sense that it cannot be demanded. Forgiveness is never given because it is deserved. God does not forgive us because we had more good days than bad days. He forgives us in spite of the fact…

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