Time for Mission – Presbyterian Style!


Presbyterianism can be a bad way of governing the church.   In its worst form it is over centralised, authoritarian, political and bureaucratic.   So maybe the best way to govern the church is Independency?   After all it recognises the significance of the local church and gives freedom to develop and grow.  It’s why some in the Free Church and other Presbyterian churches like the PCA tend to act like independent congregations within the denomination.   But Independency has real problems too – not least the difficulty of what to do when things go wrong, and the fact that the pastor is employed by the congregation and subject to the dreaded congregational meeting!
Thats why FIEC (Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches) is so important for Independent congregations.  It’s a form of Presbyterianism light.   But for those of us who go in for fully caffinated Presbyterianism,   what we…

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