If love is the answer … where is the how?

Just me being curious

“Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.”James 4:10

Teaching-Lesson. Premise-Consequence. Saviour-Saved. Saved-Saved. Saved …

But just what does “saved” mean right now … today … this second … ?

If I am being humble in order to be lifted up … is that not just more “obeying the rules”? More “premise-consequence” … “Be humble-Be lifted up” … “Be NOT humble-Be NOT lifted up” … ?


Don Merritt is going through Luke. Yesterday Don got to Luke 7:18-35 – Jesus and John  and as I was reading verses I know already, GSHJ popped up: “Never saved him though did I?”John sent his people to Jesus’s people. Don found sadness. I found a small outrage. “Even after they came, I never saved him did I?”Jesus left John in prison to be beheaded. And spoke to the crowd and Pharisees and all that about how fickle THEY were! “Even…

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