How Science & Morality Led Biologist, and Former Atheist, Wayne Rossiter to Christianity.

Bishop's Encyclopedia of Religion, Society and Philosophy

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Dr. Wayne Rossiter is the assistant professor of Biology at Waynesburg University. He also has a PhD in ecology and evolution from Rutgers University (1). The university at which he now teaches is a Christian university and he has also penned a book, Shadow of Oz, that focuses on theistic evolution.

Growing up, Rossiter had a keen interest in science. He was particularly interested in chemistry, meteorology and biology but most of all he had an interest in origins. However, it was not science itself that caused him to doubt his atheism. Instead, it was what he saw as the consequences of atheistic science that got him questioning his philosophy (3). While still studying at university Rossiter became further convinced of his atheistic views and would even go on to become quite antagonistic towards religion and belief in God. According to him him he “had developed into a staunch and cantankerous atheist by the…

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