Grace is necessary

Learning To Be Full Of Grace And Truth.

A few years ago my daughter Maggie asked me if she could have an owl for a pet. “Owls don’t make good pets Maggie,” I said. “Yes they do,” she retorted.

“No, owls don’t make good pets. They are predatory birds.”

“They don’t eat people!” she protested.

“True, they don’t eat people. But their claws and beak can really hurt you badly. Their nature is to attack and defend themselves. They don’t make good pets. As a matter of fact, it’s illegal to have an owl for a pet.”

It is the nature of owls to hunt and kill. The same is true with wolves, lions, tigers, and bears. It is not in their nature to be domestic. True you can train them to entertain, to work, or to be around people. But you don’t see trainers and owners of these animals without special equipment; they are fully aware of…

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