The sun is shining full tilt on ambitious Dundee

This Article about Dundee was in the Scotsman on Friday.


Scotland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world but sometimes we Scots can do ourselves down by being a wee bit parochial. I had some American friends who flew into Edinburgh airport, on their way to stay with me in Dundee. To their amazement at the tourist counter they were asked: “What do you want to go to Dundee for?!” It’s a question I have heard before.

imgresWhen I moved here in 1992 to be the minister of St Peter’s Free Church on the Perth Road, there were people who wondered why I would leave the Highlands and come to “Scumdee”. Others assumed I would hang around for a couple of years and then get a “promotion” to Edinburgh.   Others who have come to work in the NHS, or the Universities (the city has two) or…

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