Pilgrim’s Progress revisited ~ Christiana on the narrow way


A young friend messaged us about her day at work at a dry cleaner’s. Here is her report on an “impossible” customer:

“She was bragging about her brother owning the biggest laundromat and also cleans Trump’s clothes that come out spotless, and was very not nice about everything and couldn’t understand why our company can’t take all stains out. Man I hope she doesn’t come back! She also threatened to write about us in the newspaper – she said she works for the tribune…”

Pray for our friend to have patience, and for all those in authority who must govern in difficult times! And remember too, to take your daily dose of laughter.

Our sister Scarlett made this comment and I believe it is important to highlight here:

“Maria, I know you are trying to lighten things up. I too have visited ‘that other blog’, and as for me, am…

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