Revelation 12 – The End is Nigh!

As Doomsday Draws Near And The Devil Seeks To Swallow Us Up, The Only Answer Is In Jesus

“Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists” board members Thomas Pickering, David Titley and chairman Lawrence Krauss revealed that the minute hand of their “Doomsday Clock” has been moved forward by 30 seconds to a more ominous 2-1/2 minutes from midnight.Reuters

(This is the latest in my series on Revelation for Christian Today – you can read the original Here)

‘The End of the World is Nigh!’

That used to be the sign that eccentric street preachers carried as they paraded on the high street. You don’t see that much nowadays, except in comedy shows, but it seems as though their doom and gloom mantle has been taken up in the collective hysteria following Brexit and Trump.

The latest example of this is the Doomsday clock, which represents a countdown to a…

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