Debating Christianity and Education in a Secular University

‘It is time that the Scottish Education became fully secular – hence all religious practice should be removed’

This was the motion that Abertay University set for me to debate with my old sparring partner Alistair McBay of the National Secular Society (Sadly Megan Crawford of the Scottish Sec3bmfhzwiaa-t-x-jpg-mediumcular Society was unable to attend).     The debate was well attended and went well.   You can listen to it by clicking on the Sound Cloud link below – this is a recording from a students phone so is not high quality but you can get the gist and hear the content fine.  I would suggest that by far the most interesting bit is the Q and A about half way through….

There was a vote before hand with roughly two thirds being in favour of the motion and one quarter against.  After the debate there was another vote…

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