Hengel’s “Studies in Early Christology”

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At the request of Bloomsbury T&T Clark, I’ve written an extended Foreword for their planned re-edition of Martin Hengel’s valuable collection of essays:  Studies in Early Christology (originally published 1995 by T&T Clark when the firm was in Edinburgh).

The essays in this book are some of Hengel’s most important studies pertaining to the origins and early expressions of Christology.  They are vintage Hengel:  amazingly well researched, vigorously argued, and indicative of his ability to combine meticulous attention to detail with a larger purpose and line of investigation.

It was difficult to avoid “gilding the lily” in my Foreword.  At a very few points, I was able to note this or that development or more recent relevant publication, and in one or two matters express disagreement.  But, overall, these studies stand up very well, and I am pleased that the publisher intends to bring out a fresh edition.  I’ll let readers…

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