A Brief History of Progressivism, Episode 1

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Back on November 18 of last year, I published a post called OK Don, What is Your Point? That followed several posts that I published about the Election of 2016 and its aftermath. In that post, I set forth my belief that we in the US, and in certain other countries to one degree or another, are nearing the end of a hundred years or more of an ideological struggle between Classical Liberalism and Progressivism. We have run out of compromises and statesmen, and now one side or the other must win out in order to move forward.

At the end of that post, I mentioned that I would run a special series of posts on Sunday afternoons (my time) discussing the history of Progressivism beginning in January 2017. I asked for comments, and they were positive about the series… and then I held off beginning the series until…

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