God is a Patriot

The Lions Den

Those of you who know the outcome of a certain football game (as in the Pats over the Falcons)  will appreciate this, and those who are unaware will not care, but ultimately, God is a Patriot. Excuse my dose of liberty, but here’s why.

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It was said that late into the fourth quarter, Belichick’s team had a 99.5 percent chance of losing. That appears to be against all odds. The momentum had shifted, and the Falcons were poised to coast to victory. Dropped balls by the Pats, coupled with ho-hum series even with good field position, and a loss was inevitable…..or so it seemed. 28-3 with the clock ticking quicker than Usain Bolt, and hope was fading faster than a speeding bullet.

But these were the Patriots. They had the finest tactical coaches ever, and oh by the way, the fiercest competitor in Tom Brady. As long as there was…

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