Jubilees and the Eternal Covenant

Reading Acts

The book of Jubilees is a critically important book for the study of the New Testament. The book was written in the second century B.C. in Hebrew as a summary and expansion of the book of Genesis and Exodus 1-12. Vanderkam reports paleographic studies date fragments of Jubilees to 100 B.C., providing the latest possible date for the book (Vanderkam, “Jubliees” ABD 3:1030). Recent studies have concluded the latest historical references in Jubilees are to the Maccabean revolt (specifically, 1 Mac 5:3, 6:5), thus the book must be dated between 161 and 140 B.C.

Image result for the book of jubilees greek manuscriptSince it was written in Hebrew in Palestine by a member of a priestly family, the book is a unique insight into the heart of an observant Jew in the period just prior to the events of the New Testament. Frank Cross described Jubilees as representing a kind of “proto-Essene” because of this emphasis on separation…

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