The Call: Heith and Kelsey’s Story

My Story, My Song

Several years ago at Meet the Teacher Night, I met a sweet, tender-hearted, blond-haired, blue-eyed little kindergarten boy. He shyly waved hello as I stooped down to introduce myself to him. When I looked up, his parents stood together behind him, beaming so brightly they could’ve starred in a Colgate commercial. Really, they could’ve! And that’s how they have always been from that point on. Every time I see Heith and Kelsey Pike, they are smiling. No matter the circumstances.

When Kindergarten was over for the year, I was sad to see my friends, the Pikes, go on to first grade with their smiling faces.

I didn’t know that in a few years God would crosstheir path withthe path of my precious church family in a big way.

Our church just happened to be searching for a Youth and Children’s Pastor, although in the works of the Lord, things don’t…

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