Warning to Christians from Jonathan’s life

Seeking-GOD:Father's Service, Son's work, Spirit's gift

Jonathan was a great friend of David through fellowship, friendship, covenants, co-warriors and mutual help saving David from the wrath of his cruel father king Saul-enemy of GOD. Despite all this, Jonathan did not run away to support David in future and later died bitter death with his father during the battle. Life of Jonathan is a life lesson to warn every human, that even if GOD loving people walk together with GOD’s enemy, they might suffer judgments like Jonathan.

Jonathan’s love and armor for David

1 Samuel 14 says Jonathan was a mighty warrior killing 20 strong of Philistine soldiers together with his arm bearer.  1 Samuel 18 say he became friends with David with GOD’s love stripping himself of royal robes, armors, bow, swords and belt and gave them to David who had killed Goliath to save Israelites on 1 Samuel 17. Many times Jonathan cried for David…

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