Understanding God-Given Dreams

Matthew Winters (Honest Thoughts from a Pastor)

The first message I preached at our church plant was from the life of Joseph. I could relate to some principles from his life, though I never experienced the level of oppression he did. I want to share with my WordPress audience what God gave me to share on the first week of Overcomers Church.

  1. God puts a Dream within all of us. Please note there is a difference between a God-given dream and our selfish amibitions. Joseph was a guy who was living the dream, a dreamer himself, and one whose dreams came to pass.
  2. Some people will hate you for your dream. When God puts something within you, expect opposition. For Joseph, the opposition came from his brothers. For many of us, it will more than likely come from those who call themselves our Christian brothers and sisters. Jesus promised that we would have hardship in…

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