Revelation 2:12-17

My Heart is for Israel

Letter to Pergamum
The End Times

In my last post, we examined the letter to the Messianic Community at Smyrna.  In this post, Yeshua’s letter to the Messianic Community at Pergamum will be examined.

Historical Setting[1]
 pergamum_acropolis 11-1303248575-exploring-ancient-pergamum-ephesus

Ancient Pergamum
(Pictures Courtesy of Google)

Pergamum (or Pergamos) was the capital of the ancient Greek kingdom of Pergamos, until the last of the Pergamenian kings bequeathed his realm to Rome in 133 BCE.  Pergamum became the chief town of the new province of Asia and the site of the first temple of the Caesar-cult, erected to Rome and Augustus in 29 BCE.  A second shrine was later dedicated to Emperor Trajan.  The worship of Asclepius (or Esculapius), the god of healing, and of Zeus was also prominent.  The symbol of Asclepius was two coiled snakes on a staff (which today is still the symbol of the medical arts)…

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