When You Love Someone…

My Story, My Song

I didn’t want to go.

I had better plans for the night, and now I was being asked to put them aside. My plans were togo to the movies. I wanted to see the opening night of Armageddon. Ben Affleck was calling my name.

I had two avenues for gettingto my night at the movies. One was my older sister who had a licence and wheels, and the other was my best friend who was planning to go (and take me, of course!).We were twoexcited 15-year-olds. We’d been practicing our Liv Tyler lips and singing Aerosmith and everything.

And then everyone changed their minds. Well, sort of. My sister and my best friend decided to go to church instead. My sister Amy kindof had to. She was in the choir, and the church was having an Independence Day singing and celebration. She was one of a few hundred in…

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