Revelation 2:18-28

My Heart is for Israel

Letter to Thyatira
The End Times

In my last post, we examined the letter to the Messianic Community at Pergamum.   In this post, Yeshua’s letter to the Messianic Community at Thyatirawill be examined.

Historical Setting[1]
 thyatira_close-up thyratira

Ancient Thyatira
(Pictures Courtesy of Google)

Thyatirawas perhaps the least illustrious of the seven cities of Revelation.  Its history was uneventful, and it is scarcely mentioned by ancient writers.  Coinage suggests that, lying as it did on a great highway linking two river valleys, Thyatira was a garrison town for many centuries.

The city was a center of commerce, and the records preserve references to more trade guilds than those listed for any other Asian city.  Lydia, whom Sha’ul met in Philippi, was a Thyatiran seller of “turkey red,” a purple dye for which Thyatira was famous (Acts 16:14).   Thyatira was built as a military outpost…

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