Window or Mirror? Voice or Echo?

The Postmodern Mystic

From time to time, I hear preachers rail against “Culture”! Culture, it seems, is the great buggaboo of the day. Culture seems to take a great deal of the responsibility for our consumerism, our hedonism, our sexual promiscuity, the delinquency of our youth, and the excesses of our elders. Proof seems easy to procure, just turn on the television any evening, listen to the radio, check out the internet or social media.

“CULTURE!”… the fingers point and voices bellow. “All we need to do to garner God’s blessing and be the Christian people we’re supposed to be… is REJECT THE CULTURE of our times!”

Simple, no?

Just listen to the “right” radio stations, watch the “right” television networks, buy the “right” kind of fried chicken, hang out with the “right” kind of people… Insulate ourselves against our Pagan Culture and everything will be fine, right?

Well, there’s good news and…

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