The Fallacy of the Fascist Revival – Hope Not Hate

There is an awful lot of hate around.  Even though who talk about ‘hope not hate’ spend a lot of time stirring up hate against particular groups.   The truth is that hatred of ‘the other’ seems to be endemic in human nature.  To experience hatred and dislike because of personal characteristics and faults is one thing, but to be hated because of the group you belong to is another degree of horrible.   To be hated because of your race, gender, skin colour, class or sexuality is just simply wrong.   The trouble is that once group think takes hold, then those that don’t join in become a group to be hated – even in the name of love.

There are legitimate concerns that people have about immigration, but when such concerns become hatred of a particular people or group, it is always evil.  I voted for Brexit because…

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