A Lawyer's Prayers

With “The Mind of Christ” David Murry has given us a passionate declaration of Christ’s love for us, a powerful indictment of the American church, and a moving statement of his own experiences with God.

Written in a conversational style, “The Mind of Christ” examines these interrelated topics from a biblical perspective.

Murry begins by exploring the relationship believers have with God.  The author distinguishes between believers’ positional righteousness (earned for us at the cross), and our relational righteousness (the result of sanctification, and the depth of our communion with God).

Positional Righteousness

“We died to our sin nature.  We are new creatures in Him, with His mind, His righteousness, and the greatest gift of all, His raging river of love…”

-David Murry, “The Mind of Christ”

By the cross, we were given the mind of Christ and a new identity, as Murry puts it.  Our self-worth was established…

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