Hebrews and Eternal Rest

Theology Still Matters

In chapter three of Hebrews the pastor is exhorting the congregation to stand firm and to grow in the gospel.  In chapter four he shifts and discusses the promise of rest to the people of God [1].  Throughout scripture we read of “rest” and is closely associated with the rest that God took on the Sabbath after creation was complete.  The rest spoken of in Hebrews four is that of rest after this life is over.  In other words it is about the promise of being with Christ in Heaven when this earthly journey over.  The chapter quotes from Psalm 95 which describes rest as being something more than physical, but spiritual in nature.  The pastor also quotes from Genesis 2:2 to draw the comparison between physical and spiritual rest.

In this concept of “rest” the pastor is alluding to the Israelite wilderness experience that was previously brought up in…

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