Samaritan's Song

As we grow older, most of us begin to grapple with the inevitable question of what our legacy will be.

Itโ€™s human nature to strive, and indeed, that striving in humans is placed there by God.ย  The desire to make, to build, to create, to do: it all comes from Him.ย  The trick is to realize that it is only what we do for God that will remain, and so we must wonder: how can I construct a godly legacy?

Despite his brutal death on the heights of Mt. Gilboa, Jonathan left a godly legacy not only for his family, but also for Israel: his actions preserved the man from whose family line the Messiah would eventually come.

Join me for a study that examines the end of Jonathanโ€™s life, a not-so-incidental tamarisk tree, and what building a godly legacy looks like!

The study is available here.

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