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Letter to Sardis
The End Times

In my last post, we examined the letter to the Messianic Community at Thyatira.   In this post, Yeshua’s letter to the Messianic Community at Sardis will be examined.

Historical Setting[1]
 sardis_overview sardis3

Ancient Sardis
(Pictures Courtesy of Google)

Sardis, near the junction of the roads from central Asia Minor, Ephesus, Smyrna, and Pergamum, was the capital of Lydia under its last king, Croesus, and the seat of the governor after the Persian conquest.  Sardiswas certainly one of the more prominent cities of that day.  Because of its location, the city was thought to be impregnable; however, several times during its history it was conquered by outside forces.  Sardis was known for its great prosperity, which came from wealth from the textile, dye, and jewelry industries.  It is also known to have been a center of pagan worship, as the ruin of…

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