Jesus Without Baggage

We mentioned before that many believers today are driven by fear—especially in very theologically conservative groups. This includes the fear of God, the fear of hell, the fear of making a mistake, the fear of being wrong, and the fear of being rejected by God and the church.

Fortunately for me, and many other formerly-fearful believers, we have learned that these fears are misguided; they spring from serious misunderstandings about the character of God; and a proper understanding of God causes them to evaporate.

fear-pixabay Image credit – Pixabay

There is No Need to Fear God

Many believers think God is harsh and vindictive—always ready to catch us and punish us when we mess up. But Jesus tells us a different story–that God loves us deeply. And Jesus demonstrates God’s love for us in his own teaching and example. So there is no need to be…

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