Abusive Unkindness

Little Bird Flies


Emotional unkindness is the foundation that holds up the entire house called “abuse”.  All of us have moments when we are unkind to someone either on purpose or by accident, but that does not make us abusive. Emotional unkindness is, like all abuses, ongoing and repetitive but unlike the other types of manipulation, emotional unkindness is part of all abuse.

So why do I cover it separately? Because I think it is really important to understand that the types of abuse and manipulation often overlap and also that emotional unkindness is, by itself, abusive and it will always lead to a loss of trust.  As abuse wears away at your esteem with  words and actions, you will begin to lose the trust you once had for your partner. You stop seeing that they will not care for you, stand by you and support you with unconditional love. Their relationship for you is self serving, nothing more.

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