Jesus rejects to show Judaist’s demand of miracles-signs-wonders|| 15 Seconds Judaism

Seeking-GOD:Father's Service, Son's work, Spirit's gift

In Matthew 12 Jesus rejected any sign from heaven demanded by self claimed Judaism experts. Satan sometime tries to test GOD through corrupted unfaithful adulterous generations to seek signs from GOD. GOD is not here to listen to wishes of satanic adulterous generation. Signs and wonders follow only the believers in GOD. “These signs shall follow those who believe in me” said Christ. GOD has never said demand for signs, but have said “Pray and they will be healed.”GOD needs prayer not demands and authoritative tones. Who is mere man to exercise authority over powers of GOD? Aren’t the powers and signs manifestation of GOD? So how can mere human manipulate authoritatively over powers of GOD? No! Mere men that too believers are to exercise GOD given authority over Satanic powers, harmful animals, insects and diseases saying “Be cast in sea” but such authority is not there for adulterous disbelieving…

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