Hold it right there buster

The Lions Den

May I offer a quick apology for this rather simplistic post. But don’t be deceived. Things simple are not necessarily lacking depth. Take this for example: He made the stars also. Simple for God, but deep as deep can be, having more layers than a million onions.

Now then. It is agreed upon by fine people everywhere that Atheism is content-free, for you have been told by the apostles and disciples of atheism. No need to link for examples, as this dose of dopiness is common knowledge.  But allow me fix the egregious lie:

Image result for pinocchio

Atheism is in fact full of content. It is full of nonsense.

Secondly, an even bigger Pinocchio is this:

Atheism is not a religion.

Of course it is. It is a zeal, a lifestyle, a ministry, a place to hang out and evangelize, a place to embrace scorn toward they of ‘other’ religions, of which…

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