Jesus Visits a Pharisee’s House

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Luke 14:1-15

I wonder if we can see Jesus pleading with the guests of this Pharisee to hear His Kingdom message in this scene. Oh, don’t look for melodrama, for tears and dramatics as you might find in a bad movie, Jesus was much more matter of fact than that. As the scene opens we quickly see that Jesus has been set up: There in the room is a man who was seriously ill and the Pharisees and teachers of the law who were present were watching carefully to see if Jesus would take the bait. Jesus asked them for their legal opinion about healing on the Sabbath, but it seem that they were uncharacteristically silent,

Jesus made sure they saw Him heal the man.

Jesus sent the man on his way and then asked them another question: I f they had a child or an ox that fell into…

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