NO Longer Consumed

A Necessary Pain

Truncated self-esteem replaced with Confidence in God

Traded death for recompense, because nothing is to hard

Fat in the spirit, like French fries in 12 pounds of lard

Satan called my bluff, so I kindly pulled his card

He said I wasn’t enough, so I rose up and spoke life

He said it was too tough, but, I fought the last fight

Fear said roll over, I wiped my tears and released a battle cry

Challenging deceptions, loaded weapons, dismissing every lie

Jesus smiled, giving me permission for me to be me

Triumphantly, rejecting the spirit of fear and timidity

Listen closely, No more apologizing for my individuality

In the name of Jesus, it’s time to resist idolatry

Forcefully, man removed from the throne in my life

Feel free to reject, defame, or treat me with strife

Content in the blood spent to redeem my soul

Clothed in the fruit of the…

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